It is always important “to read” the collage – I do not like a hodgepodge of characters and symbols. The paradox of the subject is by all means one of the most important features of a collage. But the paradox is never sharp; it may be disguised, indirect. Here, there is a great deal of lyricism and irony. I make collages from transformed and dispersed life. I use cultural aspirations – the streets of lost and then unearthed Pompeii, ancient or classical sculptures, fragments of human anatomy, beauties and skull motifs, global problems: globalization, radiation, and the new myths are reiterated in several collages. But it would be boring to spend a long time with collages – here I work a lot and quickly, and within a few weeks a cycle is complete. I stop because the temptation of repeating oneself lurks everywhere. It is like a creative excursion to my own or foreign history, storage collections of good museums, or the Logge Vasari restaurant smelling of blueberries in the sloping Arezzo Square.