Su zmona Aukse  Alantos dvare. 2012. Asmen. archyvo nuotr.

Main events of Vaidotas Žukas’ life 1956. Birth. 1971. Joined the Vilnius Children’s Art School. 1972. Acquaintance and friendship with Professor Juozas Keliuotis (1902-1983). 1973. Trip to Poland, meeting Władysław Hasior in Zakopane. 1974. Entered Vilnius Art Institute, painting department. 1975. Friendship with thinker, Justinas Mikutis (1922-1988). 1976. Intense creative process. 1978. Visit of an expert on the Soviet Bloc, the Sovietologist from the GFR, Christian Shmidt-Hauer – a positive mention in his book, “Das sind die Russen” (Hamburg, 1980). 1979. Removal from the Art Institute. Rector Vincentas Gečas confiscates a personal drawings exhibition. Artists’ Union’s ban from official exhibitions. 1980. Work in the Republican Library. 1981. Participation in the Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences archaeologists’ expedition to Tien Shan to explore prehistoric rock carvings – petroglyphs. 1983. Begins to spend summers in the Latvian Nida summer house on the sea shore. 1984. Church marriage with Auksė Kaminskaitė. 1985. Friendship with Lithuanian Franciscans. On their order, creates a liturgical textile cycle. On the order of Vilius Orvidas, paints the Stations of the Cross. Acquaintance and friendship with the dean of Anykščiai, Mgr. Albertas Talačka. 1988. Death of J. Mikutis. Invited by V. Orvidas to paint murals in the Rooster (Holy Virgin Mary) Chapel near Salantai. 1986-1989. Spends seasons with his family in Samogitia – Skuodas, Plungė regions. Collects and later restores a collection of religious art. 1989. The first trip to Western Europe – a month-long tour of major Italian cities. Launches a Catholic radio station, “Mažoji Studija” (was its manager until 1996). 1991. Creates a film about J. Mikutis, “Gooseberry Wine” (2 parts). Travels to Germany, France, and Belgium. In Paris, meets with Archbishop Jean-Marie Lustiger, Countess Jacqueline de Proyart, and sculptor, Antanas Mončys. 1992. A personal exhibition representing Lithuania in Helsinki, Finland. Organizes the World Lithuanian Paschal art exhibition in Vilnius Exhibition Center. 1993. Establishes the Talita cum fund for saving premature children. Participation in Contemporary Sacred Art Salon in Paris (40e Salon Art Sacré Contemporain “Expression Spirituelle”). 1994. Friendship with Fr. Česlovas Kavaliauskas (1923-1997); recorded and broadcast on the National Radio a few hundred radio interviews on the Bible and other theological topics. 1995. Co-founds a social movement, “Naujoji banga” (New Wave); Political meetings with the Lithuanian public. 1996. Social-political meetings with Lithuanian communities in the U.S. and Canada. Abandons his political plans. A fresco cycle in Germany, St. Boniface Chapel in the city of Lauterbach. 1997. Death of Fr. Č. Kavaliauskas. 1999. Trip to the United States. Work on the book, “Vilius Orvidas” (published the same year by “Baltos Lankos”). 1999-2000. A cycle of personal exhibitions of paintings and an old art collection in 20 Lithuanian cities and towns. 2000. Director General of the National Radio and Television (until the summer of 2001). 2001. Establishes “Vaidotas Žukas Art Gallery”. 2002. Beginning of a ceramic cycle. 2004. Two glazed jewelry collections, “My dear Barbarian…” (with Jurga Karčiauskaitė-Lago). 2005. Director General of “Žinių Radijas” (The News Radio). Founding of “Vašingtono Aikštės Galerija” (Washington Square Gallery). 2006. Holds a ceramic exhibition in the city of Arezzo (Italy), “Il dolce risveglio” (Sweet Awakening). 2006-2007. A cycle of 24 paintings for the Vilnius M. Romeris University. Beginning of the mineral painting cycle. 2008. Creates in Aukštaitija, in his family’s cottage near the town of Alanta . 2011. Builds a workshop from stones and timber. Inducted into the Lithuanian Royal Union of Nobility. 2012. Publishes the book, “Molėtai 625 – žmonės, istorija, gamta” (Molėtai 625 – the people, history, and nature) (published by “Savas Takas”). The publication is presented in the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. In 2014 heads the International Lithuanian contemporary art “Quadrennial 2014 – Art on a Flag Pole”. Moletai city council accepts the gift – a collection of original work by V. Zukas; an agreement to establish “Alanta Estate and Vaidotas Zukas Art Gallery” is signed. June 26, 2015 – opening of the gallery.

Meno mecenatai A. ir A. Rusteikos, aukcione įsigiję V. Ž. skulptūrą Eglutė-gyvenimo medis, 2007  image description  Foto_07